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Lenin Diaz

Well Cementing and Fluids Specialist

Engineering services and support for the well cementing community.

Lenin offers well cementing technical support and expert services as a professional consultant with experience in drilling, workover and rigless operations on any operating environment.

As you are aware, there is no one position on a drilling operation that is the most important. Strong team players realize that the desired result involves high level input from every section of the organization. Lenin believes that the integrity of the delivered well is down to the weakest links in the operation. Every single person, section, piece of equipment and material is important.
Every drilling engineer needs a skilled fluids and cementing person, and vice versa. Problems and delays are best solved pre-emptively, by careful planning, monitoring and calculation. This is especially the case when considering factors such as fluid viscosity and optimal cementing compounds for the local conditions.
Lenin brings a dedication and commitment to a part of the drilling process that some might see as a formality, or arbitrary. Lenin knows how to make it look simple, but brings a passion to the craft, bordering on obsession. Evidence of this is clear wherever he has spent time. You can see this if you work with him, but his knowledge is plain to see online, through his LinkedIn profile, or on his active well cementing website where he selflessly helps experienced and novice cement and fluid personnel alike.

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Harish Pillai

Not many can match his depth of knowledge...

"I worked with Lenin at Rumaila Wells team during 2012-14. His technical credentials speak volumes and not many can match his depth of knowledge in the cementing field. Individually he is a good team player and an asset to any world class team, also a great friend."

Lenin is a hard working senior engineer...

“Lenin is a hard working senior engineer, very technical, highly professional and has a very dedicated personality. Setting procedures, standards and a strong commitment to HSE are among Lenin's strengths.”

Reinaldo Maldonado
Tahir Elfaki

He is so brilliant in analysis...

"I have worked with Lenin in Iraq (Rumaila Field) while I was the cementing engineer providing support to BP ROO. I would say Lenin is a lively library of cementing techniques & operations. He is so brilliant in analysis; ideas transfer, sharing experience and teamwork. I personally learned a lot from Lenin and his great way of thinking out of the box."

More About Lenin

Lenin is an O & G industry professional with over 20 years of experience in Drilling, Workover and rigless well cementing operations. He has held positions in cementing engineering, and project and operations management roles in Venezuela, Kuwait, Mexico, Central America, Iraq and UAE.

Lenin’s engineering and operational management experience includes oil, gas (conventional, HPHT, LPHT, onshore and offshore) and geothermal wells. He has great knowledge in developing and introducing technical solutions in challenging markets like Latin America and the Middle East.

He has published several SPE papers, numerous technical documents and has written cementing and zonal isolation standards, practices and recommendation for Oil Majors and Services companies. More recently, he has created the  Better Well Cementing for All website. Whilst fairly new at the time of writing, it has developed a following and has provided support to individuals and companies in the Middle East, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Nigeria, UAE, Turkmenistan and United States.

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