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Steve Hauxwell

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About Steve:

Into his 30th year as an upstream oil and gas industry professional, Steve remains highly passionate about an industry that has served him well for over three decades.

Services Available:

Senior Drilling Engineer / Advisor specialising in anything from complex technology deployments in brownfields through to wildcat exploration wells, from sub-hydrostatic through to HPHT fields. Key specialisations include multilateral wells, thru-tubing drilling, fractured carbonates, and managed pressure drilling.


As a Graduate Geologist in 1987, Steve’s formative years as a mud-logger provided a perfect grounding, and an opening for the multiple opportunities that presented themselves. A few years assigned to a Scientific deep drilling project in Bavaria ignited a passion for engineering and cutting edge technology, and a move into Drilling Engineering. ‘Drilling in the Nineties’ provided the opportunity to develop Drilling Engineering and Project Management skills for operators across Europe and Africa.

Through the late nineties Steve was instrumental in multilateral well construction and project management, initially with Baker Hughes Solutions, and subsequently with Baker Oil Tools, culminating in a move from the field to their office in Aberdeen. Through the early Millennia Steve focused his professional career on Thru-Tubing Rotary Drilling (TTRD), providing the industry with numerous technology advances, and many notable industry firsts.

Jumping over the fence to join Shell in early 2005 provided ample opportunity to hone Steve’s technology skills in addition to developing a broader Drilling Engineering skill set. Relocating from Aberdeen to Qatar in 2007 to join the Shell Pearl Gas to Liquids drilling team was an exciting debut into the challenging world of high H2S gas wells in fractured carbonates. Steve worked as a Drilling Engineer and Drilling Supervisor.

Through the following years the complex challenges of well design in fractured carbonate reservoirs provided an opportunity to achieve subject matter expertise as a Senior Drilling Engineer and Drilling Engineering Manager across the Middle East in an array of managed pressure drilling techniques.

Steve’s most recent venture has been into contingent labour skill pool management, preparing for an eventual industry recovery. In addition to offering candidates free and impartial career advice, and developing the industry’s most accurate and advanced verified candidate database, Steve and his team continue to advise operators in advance well engineering methodology.

John Hammond

Steve is a detailed engineer

"Steve is a detailed engineer who thoroughly investigates to ensure correct action is taken.”

Delighted to hear that Steve was setting up NatResPro...

“I was delighted to hear that Steve was setting up NatResPro, especially for the reasons and objectives stated, and immediately offered to help promote this refreshing service to our industry. I wholeheartedly endorse this service and urge you all to take every opportunity to benefit from it. I have no doubt this represents a paradigm shift in recruitment.”

Dave Taylor

Steve has also founded 2 online energy companies:


The future of recruiting in the oil and gas Industry. Pioneering a combination of a verified candidate database, and job specific skill pool managers.


An online resource for international energy workers. Providing the necessary detailed and up to date information to help ensure a smooth work transition.

More About Steve

Steve is transitioning from being a full time, globally mobile drilling engineer, to a consultant and entrepreneur. This is a common path for those at the top of their fields. Due to age, family commitments and changing aspirations, many industry veterans follow the same path.

Thanks to the internet, Steve is able to share his knowledge and experience, not on a 1 to 1 basis, or even 1 to a few... Through his 2 latest companies, and the offer of technical consulting and well planning services, Steve can offer his expert assistance on a 1 to many model. Through the medium of online publishing, he hopes to guide and advise for years, or even decades to come.

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