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Steve Devereux C Eng.

International Drilling Expert Services

Steve offers Drilling Expert services that are available internationally. While he still works actively as a Consultant Drilling Superintendent on Ultra Deepwater Exploration wells, he is also available for other assignments, subject to availability.

Other Services Available:

Legal Expert Reports

Suitable for arbitration or other legal proceedings.

An assignment can also be undertaken as a Single Joint Expert on behalf of both or all parties to a dispute. Where proceedings do go ahead, supporting testimony will be provided if required by the court or tribunal.

Technical Expert Report

For a Oil Companies, Contractors, Insurers or other parties. Where an undesirable event has occurred which has resulted in actual or potential injury or loss, this type of Expert Report will provide an independent technical analysis of the events in question. This analysis will support as appropriate an Expert Opinion as to the causes and recommendations to prevent a future recurrence. This will be written as simply as possible but for a technically competent audience with explanatory notes if required for non technical readers. If subsequent legal action or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is resorted to, a Legal Expert Report can be written.

The recommended procedure for the Technical Expert Report starts with a full examination of all available data including computer records, logs, reports, photographs, video feeds etc. A subsequent visit to the wellsite will often benefit the investigation if this can be arranged. This allows more data to be gathered and will ideally include interviews with those involved or present at the time.

Arbitration for oilfield related disputes

Whether your particular requirement is covered above or not, please make contact initially by with some basic details of your requirement, timescale, location and contact details.

Marc Artzrouni

Steve is a top-notch drilling engineer

"Steve is a top notch drilling engineer - he is highly experienced, energetic and reliable..”

What a wonderful client

“What a wonderful client... Decisive, clear about expectations and ready to trust my instinct. Steve has always been there to give me sound advice and i consider him a valuable friend indeed!”

Teresa Fisher

Steve has Authored 2 highly regarded drilling books:

Drilling Technology in Nontechnical Language

An overview of onshore and offshore drilling operations and technology. Chapters that cover working in the drilling industry, working in remote locations, and advanced drilling techniques. Includes an additional section about managing costs. More

Practical Well Planning and Drilling Manual

This drilling manual addresses all major drilling topics as well as the associated engineering topics necessary for today's team drilling approach. The emphasis of the book is practical, showing the user how to achieve safe and cost effective wells. More

More About Steve

After qualifying as an Aeronautical Engineer, Steve joined Shell as a Trainee Driller in 1979. He's worked with desert, jungle, mountaintop, urban, shallow and deep water rigs (mobile and platform) with a wide variety of Drilling, Completion, Workover and Well Testing operations. Steve has given training courses on Well Engineering & Operations, Well Control, HPHT Drilling, Casing Design. He has consulted since 1988 (and is still active) in most Drilling operational and engineering roles and have carried out analyses of many Drilling problems. Currently a UK Chartered Engineer (EU equivalent Eur Ing).

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