Work Locations

    • Abu Dhabi
    • Algeria
    • Angola
    • Australia
    • Botswana
    • Brazil
    • Brunei
    • China
    • Congo
    • Côte d’Ivoire
    • Denmark
    • Dubai
    • Egypt
    • Equatorial Guinea
    • Gabon
    • Gaza
    • Ghana
    • Guyana
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Kurdistan
    • Libya
    • Malaysia
    • Mauritania
    • Morocco
    • Mozambique
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Nigeria
    • Norway
    • Oman
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Romania
    • Senegal
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • South Korea
    • Suriname
    • Thailand
    • Trinidad
    • Tunisia
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America


List of clients:

Client Field Activity
cnr-international Lyell DWOPs, CWOPs, Wellsite coaches
agr NNS Exploration DWOPs
SNS Exploration Risk Assessment, DWOPs, Provide Office Coach
Tristan Developt DWOP, CWOP
CNS Exploration Risk Assessment, DWOPs & Wash-ups
East Irish Sea Risk Assessment & DWOP
paladin Farnell DWOP
Brechin Risk Assessment & CWOP
Montrose MRB Modular Rig Performance Coaching & DWOP
Arkwright Intervention-on-Paper (Light Well Intervention Vessel)
Petrofac-logo Don Team-build, DWOP, Run tree on paper, CWOP, START UP FIELD ON PAPER
spd Bentley Risk assessment for novel drilling rig
Chablis DWOP
total Tormore Risk Assessments : Deepwater Operability, Welltesr
Develop Deepwater-specific Rig-Specific Procedures
conocophillips MacCulloch DWOP
marathon_oil-96x42 Drilling Performance & Strategy support (inc. Workshop)
Alvheim Well-Specific Risk Assessment, DWOP/CWOP
nexen Buzzard Generic Design Challenge, Drilling Planning Kickoff, Crew Intros, DWOP
Perth Generic Design Challenge Session
Telford DWOP (Sidetrack)
Blackhorse DWOP (Exploration)
Best Practices Workshop (Cementing)
bp Magnus Introduce & maintain TL programme, 14 x DWOPs
Introduction to new equipt (multi-laterals). 90-d safety plans
Provision of office support personnel
Brownfield Construction : Team Vision & Alignment
Subsea Construction Project : Technical Limit Workshop
NW Hutton Introduce TL into Large scale Abandonment Ops, Workshops
West of Shetland TL Workshops & DWOPs (Foinaven, Schiehallion, Loyal)
Wellhead & Subsea system training course
Rhum Introduce homegrown TL programme. DWOP (Drilling)
P15/18 (NL) Project Success Workshops
Wytch Farm Hydraulic Workover HSE Induction, Teambuild & CWOP
Clair Introduce homegrown TL programme. DWOPs & CWOPs
BG-127x150 Maria, Bedlington TVD Workshop & Wash-up (Expl.; Deepwater Expl.)
53/3a TVD Workshop, Test-well-on-paper & Wash-up (Expl.)
NW Seymour TVD Workshop (Dev Well)
Atlantic/Cromarty Design Challenge Session, DWOP(s), Knowledge Transfer
Apollo DWOP
Provision of office & wellsite support personnel
shell Cormorant After Action Review (TTRD), DTL Wellsite coaches, DWOP
Shearwater After Action Review (HTHP)
Goldeneye Project Success Workshop
Gannet Project Success Workshop
SAP Implementation Kick-off
statoil Tulipan DWOP for Extreme, Deepwater WILDCAT
adti Lindisfarne DWOP (Deepwater Expl.)
Sperry-Sun Unleashing our Potential Workshop
petro-canada Pict DWOP & CWOP
lundin Heather/Thistle Facilities Management Review & Re-alignment
hess Introduced company-wide TL programme
bp Indonesia Technical Limit support incl. wellsite & office coaches. DWOPs,
CWOPs, Crew Inductions. Loan of personnel as DSV/NDSV
Algeria Wellsite Training & Coaching
Egypt DWOPs / Performance Seminars. Coach the coach.
transocean “Performance Toolpushers”
Eni-96x64 Brazil Supervisor & Contractor Alignment. DWOP/TWOP
oil-search-limited Australia & Papua New Guinea Fully-resourced LTL Programme incl. wellsite & office coaches. DWOPs,
CWOPs etc.
origin New Zealand Technical Limit support incl. provision of Performance Plan
& coaching of client’s wellsite coaches. Crew Inductions.DWOPs.
dubai-petroleum Dubai
agr Australia DWOP
petro-canada Tunisia
DWOP / Performance Seminar
BG-127x150 Oman
Eastern Med DWOP, CWOP, Supply-Well-on-Paper
India DWOP, Provide Coach
reliance DWOP
cnr-international Gabon “Performance Advisors”
Ivory Coast Anchor Handling Wash-up
roc China Crew Induction / Safety & Operational Excellence / DWOP
Angola DWOP


Installation Duty Holder Oil Co Location
DRILLSHIPS 1 West Navigator Smedvig ADTI (Hess) UK
2 Discoverer 534 Transocean Reliance India
Geotech 3 Fugro Synergy Fugro spd UK
SEMI-SUBS 4 Prospect Transocean AGR UK
5 Paul B Lloyd Jnr
7 Leader bp
8 Rather
9 714 BG
10 John Shaw PEDL
11 712
12 JW McLean CoP
13 Jim Cunningham Rashpetco
14 Ocean Lexington Diamond Drilling bp/Gupco Egypt
15 Ocean Quest ENI Brazil
16 Ocean Patriot AGR Australia
17 Songa Venus Songa Offshore ADA
18 Southern Cross Atwood BG E Med
19 Eirik Raude Ocean Rig STATOIL Norway
20 Deepsea Bergen Odfjell bp
Marathon Norway
21 Sea Explorer Pride BG Tunisia
22 Homer Ferrington NOBLE CNR Ivory Coast
23 Byford Dolphin Dolphin Drilling UK
AGR France
24 Bredford Dolphin UK
25 GSF 140 GlobalSantaFe Paladin
26 GA2 ADTI (Endvr)
27 GA3 PetroCanada
28 GA4
JACKUPS 29 Galaxy III Nexen
30 Labrador 1 AGR
31 Lynda Bossler NOBLE AGR
bp Holland
32 Innovator Maersk Shell UK
33 Resilient Dubai Petroleum Dubai
34 Ben Avon KCA-Deutag CNR Gabon
35 Trident IV Transocean PetroCanada Tunisia
36 Comet Gupco Egypt
37 BenNevis Pyramid
38 Kamose EDC
39 Energy Enhancer Northern Offshore AGR UK
40 80 ENSCO
41 85
42 100
43 92 BG
44 70
45 50 BG India
46 53
47 108 bp Indonesia
48 104
49 107 ADA New Zealand
50 West Triton SEADRILL Australia
Sub. Barge 51 CPOE-3 CPOE Roc Oil China
LAND RIGS 52 Roc Explorer Roc Angola
52 Rig 19 Forasol BP Algeria
54 Rig 20
55 Rig 2 Parker OilSearch PNG
56 Rig 226
57 Rig 140
58 Rig 101 High Arctic
59 Rig 103
60 Rig 36 Ensign BG Oman
61 Rig 49
PLATFORMS 62 Marathon Brae B NOBLE Marathon UK
63 BP Clair BP
64 BP Magnus KCA-Deutag
65 BP NW Hutton
66 North Cormorant (KCAD) Smedvig Shell
67 Cormorant Alpha Smedvig
68 Heather / Thistle PFM Lundin
69 Gannet A Shell Shell
70 Montrose Modular Prosafe Paladin
Floating Prodn 71 Northern Producer PFM PEDL
HWU 72 Wytch Farm BP BPC
LWI Vessel 73 Island Frontier Island Offshore Paladin